My Letter to You

letters Jul 16, 2019

Daughter, sister, friend, 

I see you. I know you. I was you.

I love you.

I see your struggles, your heartache, your frustrations, your hope. I know you know there is a better way but sometimes you despair of ever finding it.

I see you shopping for groceries, paying the bills, learning new skills, finding time for real talk with your husband, having those challenging conversations with your kids.

I see you in those quiet moments, I feel your determination, your desperation, to find a better way, to make a change, to create a life for your family, that is more, more than you have now, different than you had growing up.

I see you doing dishes, listening to podcasts, reading books, networking on Facebook, going to church, looking for friends, trying to pray.

I see you looking for answers, unsure where to go, where to look, where is safe, who can you trust. I’m here to help you, and I love you.

I know you love your husband, your heart hurts for his struggle, the burden he carries to provide. I know your love for your kids, and all your hopes and fears and dreams for them. I know that deep down you despair of knowing what beliefs you can confidently pass onto them. 

I know that education opened your eyes to the world but also burdened you with knowledge, and debt. I know you see things you don’t know how to grapple with. I know you see the effect of the culture and yet you still fall under its sway. It feels like an uphill battle, going upstream with a small paddle.

I know your struggle with technology, with food, with business, with always striving to make everyone happy. I know that church gives you a high of spirit and relationships for a moment but then leaves you empty. I’ve been there too.

I know you feel shaky in your faith and wish you could find solid ground. I know you feel the tug of your soul, your heart lights up when you make and create, and you despair of having enough time for your art, and your family, and your home, and your own well being.

I’m here to tell you that work life balance is not a myth, and that you can change your relationship with every aspect of your reality – time, money, family, faith, kids, marriage, health, self.

And it starts with a transformation of faith. You’re going to rediscover God in a way that is real to you, so real you can feel it in your bones.

God is alive and well and calling us all forward into a new dispensation of his grace. Science is illuminating the spiritual. The divine is revealing itself to us in new and fresh ways. 

You can find solid ground, and integration of faith and practice. You can have an understanding, an experience, a faith so flexible and yet solid that you can teach it to your kids.

You can discover your own true power, a power greater than you ever realized you had. And yet that is so truly you and a part of the you that is you, that once you find it, you feel like you always knew it to be true. On a deep level you always knew you were so much more than the shell, the shadow, the small version of yourself, of your life that you’ve been living.

You are more than your past, than your mistakes, than your successes. You are more even than your current hopes and dreams for your future. You are so much more than you can conceive in this moment. 

You are beautifully, mysteriously, powerfully good, and strong, empowered and inhabited by the divine energy and wisdom that created the universe, and it’s time to reclaim the truth of who you are.

Your single most important task is this remembering. Your world, your friends, your family, they need you to remember, to recover the forgotten truth of who you are.

Together we will help you remember and recover your identity and through it, your power. 

And when you do, I promise you that everything will change. 

You’ll do work that makes your heart sing, that doesn’t feel like work, and you’ll have time in the transition for everything.

And as you build your foundation, you’ll retire your husband and teach your kids and pour into others and sit in stillness with yourself. You’ll have time for it all and abundance overflowing. 

Because God is here, working in and through and with us. All we need to do is answer the call, be receptive, seek alignment, and expect goodness, love, joy and abundance.

Let go of Resistance, seek Assistance. Your desire is enough.

Let go of your fear, and embrace Faith. Embrace the love that flows into and out of your soul.

We received a tainted religious tradition and a wrecked culture driven by greed and fear, that feeds on the innocent and tempts us into lives of addiction and consumption. 

We now declare that this ends here, with us. We will embrace love and the renewing of our minds. We will press into spirit and find our true power. We will learn and grow and thrive and remove our inner blocks. We will fight the fight of our mind and emotions. We will battle resistance and fear and greed.

So that our children can know a different world, can be raised in a lighter, better world, have a deeply empowering perspective on life that allows their generation to create a radically better world that matches the transformation of their inner lives.

We commit to healing ourselves so that our children can start with a fresh perspective, a new paradigm of Spirit and Truth. We align with the divine, all encompassing source of love that is God, and set our intention to embrace the transformation God intends for us, so that our children can be free of our blocks and limiting beliefs, with the freedom to live at a higher level, to partner with God in the ongoing evolution of humanity, the positive moral arc of history. 

We now declare that it ends with us. We must rise up, we must meet the challenge, rise to the occasion, fight our own demons, conquer our resistance, embrace our power, and offer healing to the world. In all of this we are not alone, our victory will come through the assistance of our inspired imagination powered by love, we no longer work from a striving placed relying on our own willpower. 

As we first heal ourselves and each other we will cleanse the energy of our homes, changing our language and our thoughts, our actions, our emotions. We choose to radically transform our hearts and thus our environments so that our kids can learn a better way at a younger age. They will stand on our shoulders and call us blessed.

They will embody the next stage in human evolution, in the beautiful picture of truth, beauty and grace that the divine in us is calling us forward into.

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