My Vision for Our Soul Adventure

letters Mar 01, 2019


- Brendon Burchard

I love Brendon’s quote above. It’s from his book, The Motivation Manifesto.

I believe that it’s time for us to show up, to discover ourselves, to find out what it even looks like for us to meet life with presence and power.

That’s what Alicia’s Soul Adventure is all about. It’s my story, but it’s also yours. We’re all on the same journey. I just happen to be a millennial mom who is answering the call of my own soul to become more visible and begin to serve, to see how my healing can now heal others.

My Story

When I was 12, I was in a car wreck. A van ran a red light and hit our car on the front right, just forward of where I was sitting shotgun. I broke my collarbone, took a few months to fully recover. No big deal.

But what was a big deal, what changed the direction of my life forever was the fact that they told me a foot closer to me and I could have been in a body cast. Something deep inside me awoke that day. I had this sense that I’d been protected for a purpose, and I started searching for a deeper meaning in life. I’ve been restless ever sense, looking for purpose and meaning, a deeper truth than you see on the surface of life.

I grew up in church and the summer after the accident I started reading the Bible myself. And I wasn’t reading Genesis or Matthew or Romans. I was reading Leviticus and Numbers and the minor prophets, the stuff no one ever reads. I even found a bible handbook and read along in it so I’d understand.

That’s how hungry I was. Fast forward through highschool, college and grad school. I got BA and MA degrees in Biblical Literature. Then I got married and became a mom and had that realization we all get at some point that school didn’t really prepare us for this, for life. I began to feel that together, public school and the church had let me down. I wasn’t ready. I did everything they said, but I knew I was missing stuff. There had to be more, more insight into how to really live life, really make the most of this one life we all have.

I had serious questions, and practical life challenges. And at my core I’m a reader and researcher, so that’s what I did. Whenever I had questions about nutrition, exercise, sex, parenting – life in general – I found a book and started reading. I also read a lot of business, psychology and history.

These books were all incredibly wonderful and helpful practically. But all that insight came at a cost; at some point the perfect storm of convincing evidence brought a scary truth down on me and I felt the spiritual-intellectual foundation of my life crumbling.

Evolution was true.

Yeah, I know some of you are thinking, “What? That’s it? Of course it is, where have you been?”

For others I feel like I’m the kid telling you santa isn’t real. “Really? No. No, it can’t be. Are you sure?”

Anyway, that was the catalyst for a crisis of faith that lasted several years. I researched my way out of that one too. I finished a couple of months ago (spring 2019).

And what I discovered was something beautiful. And to put it in a ridiculously short nutshell it was basically this: God is alive and well, and at work in the world, and so much bigger than the religion I grew up with.

I’m still confused on some things, but I’m confident I have the important parts figured out and I’m hungrier than ever to fill in the gaps.

And I’ve gone far enough and gotten enough feedback from friends to realize that it’s time to share what I know, and whatever I’m reading about next.

My Invitation to You

Are you hungry too? Do you want to go with me?

Are you looking for positive influences and for mentors to show you the way to better future, a different place than where you’ve always been?

My mission is to help you discover your own inner power and strength, and to unlock a whole new level of life and how you look at the world, in a way that you will never be the same again. It’s as much of a transformation as Neo taking the red pill in the Matrix, but it’s much better news on the other side.

Have you heard people say that you become the sum of the 5 voices that you surround yourself with? I completely believe that. Years ago I heard Gary Vaynerchuk talk about this, saying you could choose online mentors to be some of those voices, especially as a way to begin to transform your life without moving or quitting your job or anything big, (at least not at first). That’s what I did and now that’s what I want to be for you.

I am a teacher and content creator and I want to be one of your voices, someone who is a constant source of inspiration, encouragement, positivity, and depth, calling you to greatness, calling you to be truly you.

A little big about my background: I have a Masters degree in Biblical Literature, Pre-Doctoral studies from Regent University, a Bachelors degree in New Testament from Oral Roberts University. I’m a licensed Growth Coach with Lifeforming Leadership Coaching. I have 9 years experience as a webmaster and marketer for a small real estate team in southeastern Virginia.

I have sat under the digital teaching of Brendon Burchard, Bo Eason, Gabrielle Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Dana Malstaff, and Ruth Soukup through their online courses and videos. I’ve also spent the past 10 years reading extensively in personal development, business, psychology, science, faith and spirituality. Other big influences for me are Wayne Dyer, Ryan Holiday, Steven Pressfield, Simon Sinek, Tony Robbins and Gay Hendricks.

I love outdoor adventures, any projects my husband or our four boys are working on, and I’m a total personal development book junkie. I’m also a huge Star Wars fan – legacy series, I haven’t even watched the new movies yet.

But Bo Eason helped me realize why I love Star Wars so much, reading all the books in high school and re-reading them in college. (Seriously, I’m not joking. Don’t laugh. Ok, just a little.)

It’s because my life theme is discovering your own strength and power, a power that shocks and surprises you, that has been dormant inside without you realizing it.

Do you know who we are?

You and I?

We’re Luke Skywalker. We have the force. We are a force – to be reckoned with. And I believe it’s time to wake up, embrace our healing, become community, and offer healing to the world from a place of healing, power and strength.

That’s my vision. Welcome to our soul adventure.

10 Paradigm Shifts for Your Soul Adventure

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