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Launching Feb 28, 2020

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What is the Spiritual Awakening Masterclass?

The Spiritual Awakening Masterclass is an online course with hands on coaching and spiritual direction that helps you confront yourself in a safe, sacred place, and facilitate the shifting of your deeply held guiding beliefs about your own reality, so that you can emerge from your awakening into your next level of love, compassion, empowerment, and inner peace.

Why I created the Spiritual Awakening Masterclass

After completely dedicating myself to study of the religious tradition I grew up in, I woke up at age 30 and realized I was deeply lost, confused and disillusioned with the state of my own spirituality and even more than that, with my view of the world. As I settled into life outside graduate school - staying married, raising kids, running a household, and researching nutrition  to lose the baby weight, I increasingly found irreconcilable conflicts and differences between my previous beliefs and my current reality. My theology did not work in the real world.

I didn't know where my searching would take me, but I set out to find answers about how to do life. One topic, one lesson, one author at a time, my understanding grew and my world expanded.

With each new pivotal insight I got bolder, straying farther into unknown territory. Part of the road took me deep into my biggest fears, that perhaps God wasn't real, meaning wasn't to be found. I spent time enduring my own dark night of the soul period of my life.

Today I am victorious. I have faced my inner demons, I have crossed the spiritual Rubicon. Where I was once distressed and despairing, I know have an incredible all encompassing sense of inner peace. My apathy has turned to definite intention and resilience. My perspective has shifted on certain topics in clear and definable ways.

Once I felt sureness underfoot in this new foundation of spiritual peace and certainty, I began to look back to see what it was that had produced such a complete transformation in my inner life.

What I found was a series of fundamental paradigm shifts, and specific spiritual truths. I could trace my path through these lessons and see how they brought me to where I am today.

I know that I am meant to take others on the same journey I took in my spiritual awakening.

This is why I created The Spiritual Awakening Masterclass. I am a teacher. Everything I learn, I learn in order to teach others. And everything I teach, I teach in the way that I see I would like to have received it.

What I have created in this masterclass is a divine and sacred experience for you to witness and cultivate the unfolding of your spiritual awakening, using a method and in an environment which will allow you to go farther faster, as I am able to use my experience and my studies of the greatest spiritual traditions and teachers. My intention is for you to stand on my shoulders, for me to have the privilege of launching you into the arms of your destiny.

This course guides you to open yourself up to your own questions about life and God. This is a safe place for you to examine what you believe and how it is changed over time. You will expose your internal conflicts and address them.

You'll receive practical teaching, as well as soulful support on a spiritual level.

I feel a deep commitment to your growth and a connection to you in your journey. You will be surrounded with positive energy and prayer to help facilitate your growth in a protected, holy space.

I'm creating a sacred container, inspired by something Rha Goddess said. I took a course where she issued this challenge, "So we need you. We need you to help push the threshold of this reality into place. Your ability to hold the space for transformation with those you serve. To open up and create that sacred container where they can face themselves. And they can stretch and grow in ways they could not have imagined, is necessary. People become their highest selves through your undivided attention. People become their greatest selves through your great compassion. People become their greatest selves through the manifestation of the highest vibration of your talents, gifts and abilities. So we need you to bring it. Once you know what it is yours to bring, we need you to bring it like nobody's business."

It's taken a long journey for me to figure out what it was mine to bring, but now I've found it. I'm pouring my heart and energy into this course and I promise you I will bring all of me to this sacred encounter, and if you come open and willing, this course will change you forever.

It's time to address and settle the disquiet in your soul, to identify and transform your perspective on your world, so that you can burst out of your shell, and move forward in the presence and power with which you are meant to live your life.

I'll be here with you every step of the way,


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Who is this for?

Do you find yourself lost somewhere between church and 'woo'?

- Me too.

Have you left church? Are you seeking something outside the religious traditions that no longer feed your soul?

- Yes?

Are you comfortable with tarot cards, crystals and readings?

- No?

Well, you're in just the right place. 

This masterclass with personal coaching experience is for you if you want to leave behind your fear-based, material-oriented, ego-fueled, resistance, apathetic, reason-oriented, isolated mindset and way of life, and fully embrace a loving, spirit/energy-oriented, soulful, accepting, intentional, heart-driven, connected mindset and way of life.

It will be really low on 'woo' and high on universal spiritual principles and practical methods for applying them to your life.

My intention is to assist you in building both a bridge into your future spiritual journey, and a foundation that will ease the transition and prepare you for where your soul wants to go.

Course Schedule

Week 1 - Rethinking God - Embracing Love and a loving perspective

Week 2 - Rethinking God - Rejecting Fear and a fear-based mindset

Week 3 - Rethinking the World - Paradigm Shift from Matter first to Energy first

Week 4 - Rethinking the World - Everything is Energy

Week 5 - Rethinking the World - Energy = Spirit, so Everything is Spiritual

Week 6 - Rethinking Us - Meeting Your Soul

Week 7 - Rethinking Us - Paradigm Shift from Ego to Soul

Week 8 - Living it Out - Acceptance vs Resistance

Week 9 - Living it Out - Intention vs Apathy

Week 10 - Living it Out - Intuition vs Reason

Week 11 - Living it Out - Wholism vs Separation

Week 12 - Integration and Next Steps


Each week is a module that includes weekly coaching calls as well as course content that will include a variety of guiding principles, reading excerpts, beliefs to challenge, affirmations, exercises, resource lists, and conversation prompts in the course community group.

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Course Content

Weekly teachings you'll have lifetime access to.

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Access to a group just for students and graduates of the masterclass.

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Weekly Calls

Regular conversations to process your experience and growth together.

This is your time

Sign up today and get teaching, support and community for your spiritual awakening.

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Meet Your Instructor

Alicia Eichmann has been studying theology and spirituality since she was 12. She has a masters degree in Biblical Literature from Regent University, and is a licensed growth coach with Lifeforming Leadership Coaching.

Her passions include exploring ecumenism, applying spiritual truths in practical ways to daily life, and empowering ordinary people to do extraordinary things through harnessing love, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion and the power of clarity and intention.

Modern teachers she draws from include Wayne Dyer, Gabrielle Bernstein, Rob Bell, Marianne Williamson, Gary Zukav and Caroline Myss. She is a graduate of Gabrielle Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

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